by Alan Hanson


1   The Allegory of the Ape Man

2   The Physical Tarzan

3   Tarzan of the Trees

4   Tarzan's Country: Backdrop for a Morality Play

5   The Mangani: "The Hairy Men of the Forest"

6   Jane: From Baltimore Belle to Diana of the Jungle

7   The Waziri: From Primitive to Colonial Tribe

8   Tantor: Dreadnaught of the Jungle

9   The Women of Opar

10  Jad-bal-Ja: The Great Black-maned Golden Lion

11   Nkima: Tarzan's Jungle Friend and Confidant

12   Tarzan's Victory Cry and Other Feral Sounds

13   The Spiritual Tarzan

14   Tarzan's Hunger Game

15   The Hideous Hunter: The Death of Tarzan