Elvis on Stage
Taking His Act to the People

“Touring is the roughest part,” Elvis Presley said in a 1957 Vancouver, Canada, press conference about his career, “because you’re in a town and you do a show, you come off, you ride in a car, you’re gone to the next town.” Elvis certainly knew the routine. From 1954-1957, he had performed on stage hundreds of times in venues ranging from high school gyms to the country’s biggest auditoriums and stadiums. Despite the grind, he still enjoyed the experience. “I think every performer likes to work to a live audience,” he responded when asked about the favorite part of his multi-faceted career.

The foundation of Presley’s loyal fan base through the years was his willingness to take his act to the people. It started in 1954 when he worked nearly 50 dates, many of them in hometown Memphis nightclubs. Later in the year he began playing some Texas and Arkansas venues, and even ranged as far as Shreveport to appear on the Louisiana Hayride radio program. In 1955 it seemed as if Elvis, Scotty, and Bill were on the road continually. Nearly 200 dates took the Blue Moon Boys all over the South and as far away as New Mexico, Ohio, Indiana, and all around the Gulf Coast.

Then came Presley’s breakout year of 1956. At times he was forced to take to the air, as national TV appearances in New York and film work in Hollywood put demands on his time. Instead of cutting back on his furious schedule, however, Elvis kept taking his stage show to the people. That year he performed 143 concerts in 79 communities from coast to coast. In 1957 movie commitments caused Elvis to finally cut back on his personal appearances. But while he gave just 28 concerts in 18 cities that year, Elvis still drew huge crowds while playing huge auditoriums and outdoor stadiums in 1957.

During two years in the army and eight more in Hollywood exile, the spectacle that was Elvis on stage seemed to have vanished, never to return. But in 1969 he gave up his acting career and returned to his first love. “[I] kinda got in a routine or a rut,” he told a Las Vegas audience in 1969, “and I really wanted to come back and work live in front of people again. I’ve been wanting to for a few years now, so that’s why [I’m here].” And work live in front of people he did virtually continually and exclusively for the next nine years. He performed hundreds of concerts in 41 states, giving hundreds of thousands of his fans the opportunity to see and hear him. He even had a concert schedule on the day he died. | Alan Hanson

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