Farewell Blog | Posted December 1, 2019

A Farewell to Elvis Blogging

I have decided to discontinue blogging on Elvis-History-Blog.com. I could say it was a difficult decision to make, but it really wasn't. For some time now, writing my Elvis blogs has progressively become a chore rather than the joy it had been for over a decade.

Perhaps the sheer volume of all my Elvis writing has pressed down on me like a heavy weight. Since December 2008, I've post 374 blogs  on this site. Add in another 65 Elvis articles posted separately on this site, there are now 440 pages of Presley history available on Elvis-History-Blog.com. Along with the two Elvis  books and several dozen other articles I've written for other publications and CD liner notes, and it seems that the entire decade of my sixties was taken up by Elvis Presley.

Now I'm 70, and some  long delayed non-Elvis writing projects are whispering in my ear, "It's now or never." With no regrets, then, I draw back from recording the exploits of Elvis Presley and head off in a new direction.

That doesn't mean that Elvis will not continue to hold a treasured place in my life. I'll always listen to his music. (In fact, I'm listening to Elvis music as I write this.) I haven't made my last trip to Graceland, nor have I rewatched by last Elvis movie. And I'll always enjoy sharing my Elvis memories with fellow fans.

Although I won't be blogging anymore on Elvis-History-Blog.com, the site will continue to be live on the net, at least through 2020. I still welcome reader comments and questions, and will respond to all sent my way.

And so, with thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers, and especially to those hundreds of you who provided me with feedback over the last 12 years, I bid you a grateful farewell.

Alan Hanson

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