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by Alan Hanson

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January 2015

Entry #276: A "Diehard" Elvis Fan Confesses: "I Cherished All of His Movies"

Entry #277: A Review of "Ultimate Elvis - The Complete & Definitive Recording Sessions"

February 2015

Entry #278: "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" … A Chartburster for Elvis in 1957

Entry #279: Pat Boone vs. Elvis Presley …  A Fifties Rock 'n' roll Battle?

March 2015

Entry #280: Elvis at Ground Level in '57: How He Conquered Spokane

Entry #281: The Eternal Elvis … What Fueled His Rise to Immortality

April 2015

Entry #282: Rock Critic Robert Hilburn Memorialized Elvis Presley

Entry #283: Elvis' Final Shows Were Spiritual Experiences.

May 2015

Entry #284: In Memory of Alan Meyer: The First Great Elvis Tribute Artist

Entry #285: Memphis Belle Robbie Moore Taught Elvis a Lesson in 1956

June 2015

Entry #286: Elvis Readers Ask About Movies, Cruises, Ursula and Photos

Entry #287: Betty Hutton—No One Understood Elvis as Well as She Did in 1956

July 2015

Entry #288: How Elvis Presley Became the Nation's Most Famous Draftee

Entry #289: "An Oral History of Elvis: The King Remembered"

August 2015

Entry #290: Mary Tyler Moore … Elvis Presley's Last Leading Lady

Entry #291: St. Petersburg … A Profile of an Elvis Crowd in 1956

September 2015

Entry #292: Elvis Unsure About His Future at 1961 Press Conference

Entry #293: Elvis in Las Vegas 1969-1976: Variety Reported the Ups & Downs

October 2015

Entry #294: Elvis: Behind the Legend … A Different Kind of Presley Book

Entry #295: Elvis Presley Enterprises: It's Smooth Sailing Under New Leadership

November 2015

Entry #296: Anne Helm … Elvis' Leading Lady in Follow That Dream

Entry #297: Elvis the Guitar Man … Was he a Player or a Pretender?

December 2015

Entry #298: Was There a Conspiracy to Accelerate Elvis' Music?

Entry #299: Top Holiday Gifts for Elvis Fans … Graceland's List and Mine

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