In the Army Elvis Earned Respect
But Feared Loss of Fans & Career

Elvis Presley’s two years in the military after being drafted in 1958 had mixed consequences for his life and career. For his service in the army Elvis earned respect from many of the critics who fiercely condemned him during the early years of his career. Also in the army Elvis met Priscilla Beaulieu, who later became his wife and mother of his only child.

But there was also a downside to his military career. He spent the two years in continual dread that during his time away his fans would desert him and that he would be unable to restart his career after his army discharge. Also, it was while stationed in Germany that Elvis began abusing prescription drugs, a habit that would later contribute to his death at the early age of 42.

Finding a wife and abusing drugs were not the only significant events in Elvis’s life during his army stint. He went in at the age of 23 and emerged at age 25. When he returned to the public spotlight in 1960, it was obvious that he had matured, both physically and professionally. He no longer was the gyrating rock ’n’ roller he had been when he entered the army. With recordings like It’s Now or Never and Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis moved successfully into pop music’s mainstream. He also played a conservative part in his first post-army film, G.I. Blues, forsaking the “angry young man” roles he had played in his first four movies in 1956 and 1957.

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