The Elvis Universe
How the King
Continues to Influence Pop Culture

The Presley phenomenon was born in 1956, and it thrived in the American entertainment industry for two decades. Then, when Elvis Presley died in 1977, it appeared to be the end of Elvis’ impact on American pop culture. Surprisingly, though, Presley’s influence lived on in an assortment of Elvis-based offspring that interact in a seemingly ever-expanding Elvis universe.

Presley’s home in Memphis is the country’s most visited private home. Every August, the city and Graceland become the center of the Elvis Universe, as the singer’s perpetual fan base descends on the city for its annual interface with Presley commercial interests during Elvis Week. The strength of those commercial interests is underscored by Presley continually placing at or near the top on the country’s list of “most successful dead celebrities.” Elvis Presley Enterprises licenses a seemingly endless list of products bearing Elvis’ image. And, of course, Presley’s music continues to sell in repackaged collections four decades after his death.

The most visible citizens of the Elvis Universe are what are known today as Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs). It seems that every community has at least one. Each year regional ETA contests are held, with the winners gathering during Elvis Week for a competition to determine the King of the King’s impersonators.

Other examples of Elvis’ continuing influence in the new century include two stage productions based on his life and music. A musical, All Shook Up, played on Broadway in 2005, and a Cirque du Soleil production, Viva Elvis! opened in Las Vegas in 2010. The Elvis Universe also has been home to such esoteric concerns as the now defunct “24-hour Church of Elvis” in Portland, Oregon. | Alan Hanson

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