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January 2009

Entry #43: June Juanico: The Day Elvis's Girlfriend Talked Too Much

Entry #44: Elvis' Birthday—A Day to Remember What He Means in Our Lives

Entry #45: Denver Writer Runs Teen Gauntlet for Criticizing Elvis in '56

Entry #46: Elvis Presley and the Curious Case of the Missing Lyrics

Entry #47: Billboard Helped a Young Elvis Top the Charts in 1955-56

February 2009

Entry #48: Jailhouse Rock Chronicles: A Prison, a Cow Bell, and a Riot

Entry #49: Comparing Elvis' 1957 and 1970 Shows in Portland, Oregon

Entry #50: The Battle of the Elvis Fans—The Idealists vs. the Realists

March 2009

Entry #53: It Was Boys Vs. Girls in a San Antonio Teen Discussion in '56

Entry #54: The Top Ten Wish-I-Had-Been-There Elvis Moments

April 2009

Entry #56: Some Elvis Critics in the Fifties Urged Parents to React Violently

Entry #57: In 1970 Elvis Played His "Comeback Concert" in Los Angeles

Entry #58: What if Elvis Had Been an Entertainer in the Army?

Entry #59: Elvis and Politics—The King Kept His Thoughts to Himself

May 2009

Entry #61: A Coundown of Elvis' 10 Worst Recordings

Entry #62: Vulnerable Elvis Revealed in 1956 Waco Newspaper Interview

Entry #63: Bono's Elvis Poem Reveals Irish Rocker's Admiration for Presley

Entry #64: Stuck on You—The Elvis record that sold a million before it was recorded

June 2009

Entry #66: Own a Piece of Elvis' Dream: Two of the King's Cars Go on the Auction Block

Entry #67: A Creative Reporter Covered Elvis' 1957 Show in Tacoma, Washington

Entry #68: Let's Stop Blaming Colonel Parker for Elvis' Disappointing Movies

July 2009

Entry #69: With “It’s Now or Never,” Elvis Left Rock ’n’ Roll for Pop Music’s Mainstream

Entry #70: Sharing Memories of Seeing Elvis in Spokane in 1957

Entry #71: Debra Paget - What She Learned About Elvis in 1956

Entry #72: Robert Ward Wrote the Best Elvis Tribute Article in 1977

Entry #73: It Just Might Have Been the Happiest Day in Elvis' Life

August 2009

Entry #74: Did Sinatra Really Bad Mouth Elvis and his Music in '57?

Entry #75: Are You Lonesome Tonight?—Elvis' Classic Recording of an Old Song

Entry #76: Elvis 2009: The 40th Anniversary of Elvis' Return to Las Vegas in '69

Entry #77: Don't Believe Everything You Read About Elvis

September 2009

Entry #78: Little Rock Columnist Had Sensible Attitude About Elvis in '56

Entry #79: Flaming Star—the Elvis Record Launched by a Denver Bootlegger

Entries #80-81: Hal Wallis: The Paramount Producer Who Reigned Over Elvis Presley's Hollywood Career

October 2009

Entry #83: What Elvis and The Beatles Really Thought of Each Other

Entry #84: 1964—The Year Elvis Abdicated His Throne as King of the Charts

Entry #85-86: Elvis Roots: Early R&B, Hillbilly, & Doo Wop Influences

November 2009

Entry #87: Crying in the Chapel and the Colonel's Plan to Make Elvis a Gospel Crooner

Entry #88: Gordon Stoker and the Jordanaires—Their Contribution to Elvis's Gospel Music

Entry #89: Elvis's '69 Las Vegas opening a pivotal event in his career

Entry #90: Elvis and his fans have much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

December 2009

Entry #91: An Iowa Newspaper Blasted Elvis After a 1956 Stage Show in Sioux City

Entry #93: Heartbreak Hotel Made Elvis King of the Charts in 1956

Entry #94: Elvis Deserves More Recognition for His Charitable Acts

Entry #95: What Did Elvis Do on New Year's Eve?

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