2016 Elvis Blog Archives
by Alan Hanson

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January 2016

Entry #300: Elvis History Blog's 8th Anniversary: Where It's Been & Where Its Going

Entry #301: "Jailhouse Rock" … Teamwork Produced a Classic Record

February 2016

Entry #303: Sam Phillip' Impact on Elvis … Peter Gurnalnick's New Biography

March 2016

Entry #304: Elvis' Extended Play Records: Growing Up With the King's Vinyl

Entry #305: Elvis, Sweet Music, and Rock 'n' Roll in June 1956

April 2016

Entry #306: "Hasta La Vista Las Vegas" … Is Elvis Really Leaving Sin City?

Entry #307: In 1957 "Bubblehead Bob" Hough Met Elvis in Spokane

May 2016

Entry #308: What's in a Nickname? … "Elvis the Pelvis"

June 2016

Entry #310: Why Did Canadian Youngsters Worship Elvis in 1957?

Entry #311: "Can't Help Falling in Love" … The Story of Elvis' Classic Ballad

July 2016

Entry #312: What Was Elvis Presley Doing on the Fourth of July?

Entry #313: Remembering Scotty Moore … In His Own Words

August 2016

Entry #314: Elvis Press Reports in 1975-77 Gave Clues to His Failing Health

Entry #315: The Long, Dark Road … Elvis on Tour in 1976-77

September 2016

Entry #316: Lennon and McCartney Comment on Elvis in Philip Norman Bios

Entry #317: CD Set Released in 2016 Recalled Elvis' 1976 Jungle Room Sessions

October 2016

Entry #318: Young Jane Elliot Connected with Elvis in Change of Habit

Entry #319: Some Important October Dates in Elvis Presley's Career

November 2016

Entry #320: The Guest House at Graceland Opened a New Elvis Era in Memphis

Entry #321: The King of Rock 'n' Roll Meets The King of the Jungle

December 2016

Entry #322: "Burning Love" … Elvis Presley's Last Hit Record

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