2017 Elvis Blog Archives
by Alan Hanson

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January 2017

Entry #324: Linda Thompson's Autobiography Reveals Elvis the Man, Not the Myth

Entry #325: From Munich to Paris … Elvis' Fun-filled Army Furlough in 1959

February 2017

Entry #326: The USS Potomac … Elvis Presley's Gift to St. Jude's Hospital

Entry #327: Nancy Sinatra … Elvis Presley's Leading Lady in Speedway

March 2017

Entry #328: "Elvis Presley's Memphis": New Graceland Entertainment Complex Opens

Entry #329: An Elvis Statue in the US Capitol? Mississippi Is Thinking About It

April 2017

Entry #330: Don't Be Fooled By "Fake Elvis History News"

Entry #331: Elvis' Paramount Screen Test Opened Hollywood's Doors in 1956

May 2017

Entry #332: "All Shook Up" … Elvis' Blockbuster 1957 Single

June 2017

Entry #334: Elvis Presley and the History of "White Trash" in America

Entry #335: In 1956 Elvis Made National News When He Bit a Reporter's Hand

July 2017

Entry #336: Red Robinson Shared Memories of Elvis' 1957 Show in Vancouver B.C.

Entry #337: Author Fred Beauford Recalled Army Service with Elvis Presley

August 2017

Entry #338: From King Creole to G.I. Blues: Keeping Elvis Alive in Hollywood

Entry #339: Reader Rant About Colonel Parker Raises Issues on Presley Sources

September 2017

Entry #340: "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo" … How the Music Converged in Elvis

Entry #341: Return of Elvis' Baby Grand Piano Recalls Many Stories of Graceland

October 2017

Entry #342: "Suspicious Minds" … The Making of Elvis' Last #1 Record

Entry #343: Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, and "The Dance"

November 2017

Entry #344: Millie Perkins: Elvis' Girlfriend in Wild in the Country

Entry #345: "Elvis and the Big Beat": Analyzing Elvis in The New York Post in 1956

December 2017

Entry #346: The Great Elvis Presley Merchandise Flood of 1956

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