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January 2010

Entry #96: Elvis at 75: A Time to Reflect on the King's Legacy

Entry #97: How Many #1 Records Did Elvis Have on Billboard's Top Chart?

Entry #98: Broadcaster Bob Blackburn Cherished His Elvis Moment in 1957

Entry #99: Elvis Presley Enterprises: Five Years After the Big Sell Off

February 2010

Entry #100: The Elvis-Nixon White House Encounter: An Urban Legend Remembered

Entry #101: Elvis’ Gold Cadillac Made Tour of Australia in 1968-69

Entry #102: Viva Elvis!: The Cirque du Soleil Elvis Show Opened in Las Vegas

Entry #103: Elvis' #2 Recordings Help Make Him #1 on the Charts

March 2010

Entry #104: Elvis Treated With Respect by Savannah Newspaper in 1956

Entry #105: In the '70s, Alan Set the Standarad for Elvis Tribute Artists of Today

Entry #106: Tickle Me: The Elvis Movie That Saved a Hollywood Studio

Entry #107: Elvis Sales Boomed Across Europe Following His Death in 1977

April 2010

Entry #110: Blue Moon: Elvis' Most Unlikely Song

Entry #111: Sam Phillips Was "Big Daddy" at Sun Records in the Fifties

Entry #112: Few Reviewers Were Inspired by Elvis on Stage in the ’70s

May 2010

Entry #113: Lizabeth Scott in Loving You—Elvis' Second Leading Lady

Entry #114: Elvis’s Rebellious Image in ’56 Fueled by Gas Station Fight

Entry #115: Sinatra/Elvis TV Special Drew Poor Reviews and High Ratings

Entry #116: One Pollster in the Fifties Brought some Reason to the Elvis Debate

June 2010

Entry #117: A Book Review: Return of the King: Elvis Presley's Great Comeback

Entry #118: "Hound Dog" & "Don't Be Cruel": Elvis' Biggest Two-Sided Hit

Entry #119: Elvis the Pelvis Began to Fade Away With Final Hayride Show

Entry #120: Presley Vinyl in the Sixties Was a Worldwide Business

July 2010

Entry #121: The Elvis Presley Story: Remembering the 1971 Radio Biography

Entry #122: Love Me Tender Caused Problems for 20th Century-Fox in 1956

Entry #123: Stetch in Army Brought Elvis Some Unwanted Normalcy

Entry #124: In '57 a Pistol-Packing Elvis Threatened a Marine in Memphis

August 2010

Entry #125: Elvis Presley and Loving You Subject of 1957 LA Newspaper Columns

Entry #127: Detroit … Home of America's 2nd Most Fortunate Elvis Fans

Entry #128: Laurel Goodwin—Elvis' Love interest in Girls! Girls! Girls!

September 2010

Entry #129: Elvis Rock 'n' Rolled in 1961 for the USS Arizona Memorial

Entry #130: Good Luck Charm—The Elvis Record That Ended an Era

Entry #131: Elvis' Legacy: Can You Even Imagine a World Without Elvis?

Entry #133: Dewey Phillips' Betrayal Caused Elvis to Withdraw Behind Walls

October 2010

Entry #134: "Hound Dog" on The Milton Berle Show in '56 Was Elvis' Top Rock 'n' roll Moment

Entry #135: Elvis Presley's 20 Greatest Recordings

Entry #136: Tuesday Weld: A Free Spirit Passed Through Elvis' Life

Entry #137: Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii: Demystifying an Elvis Myth

November 2010

Entry #138: The Amazing Comeback of Colonel Tom Parker

Entry #139: "Memphis Mafia" Monikers: Nicknames in Elvis' World

Entry #140: Elvis' Pet Names for Special Women in His Life

Entry #141: Ken Sharp’s Elvis Vegas ’69 Book Lets the Players Tell the Story

December 2010

Entry #142: Canadians Remember Elvis' 1957 Show in Vancouver, B.C.

Entry #143: A 1962 Parade Magazine Article Proclaimed Elvis a "Paragon of Virtue"

Entry #144: Elvis’ Five Army Single Records Kept His Career Alive Back Home

Entry #145: March 1956—The Pivotal Month in the Career of Elvis Presley

Entry #146: G.I. Blues … Elvis Presley's "Red, White, and Blue Star-Bright Show

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