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January 2011

Entry #147: How Elvis Celebrated His Birthdays from 1955-1977

Entry #148: Trying to Remember Elvis on Stage in Seattle in 1970

Entry #149: Elvis Presley’s “Hit” Songwriters: A Top Ten List

Entry #150: Male Mind-Set Disappoints Female Presley Fan

February 2011

Entry #151: Elvis Endured Criticism from Religious Leaders in the 1950s

Entry #152: My Elvis Records Have Left the Building

Entry #153: Elvis Vinyl From 1954-1977: Some Trivia Questions

Entry #154: Ten Essential Books for Every Elvis Library

March 2011

Entry #155: Elvis in Albuquerque: 1956 and 1972

Entry #156: Many Entertainers Defended Elvis in the Fifties

Entry #157: Director Don Siegel Recalls the Making of Flaming Star

Entry #158: Looking Back to See: Elvis Presley and The Browns

Entry #159: "Blue Suede Shoes": A Classic Cut for 2 Rockabilly Singers

April 2011

Entry #160: A Hollywood Civilian on the Set of G.I. Blues in 1960

Entry #161: Has There Been a Reassessment of Elvis Presley's Films?

Entry #162: Elvis Banned in Corpus Christi Over Juvenile Delinquency

Entry #163: Elvis and Chuck Berry: Connections and Disconnects

May 2011

Entry #164: From "Memphis" to the "Promised Land": Chuck Berry Songs Elvis Recorded

Entry #165: Memories Through the Years of Elvis in Tacoma 1957

Entry #166: Journalist James Kingsley Had Special Access to Elvis

June 2011

Entry #168: "Return to Sender" Anchored an Amazing Elvis Chart Run

Entry #169: Elvis Presley in Girl Happy: "Piffle, But Interesting Piffle"

Entry #170: Hysteria at Elvis’ ’56 Tulsa Show Like Tossing Christians to Lions

Entry #171: Elvis on Tour 1954-177: By the Numbers

Entry #172: Columnist Jack Gould Led the Assault on Elvis in 1956

July 2011

Entry #173: Elvis Presley and Liberace Shared a Love for “Opulence”

Entry #174: An Elvis Haircut Called a "Badge of Emptiness" in '56

Entry #175: Early Rock 'n' Roll DJs Helped Push Elvis to the Top

Entry #176: Elvis Faced His Toughest Crowds in Las Vegas in '56

August 2011

Entry #177-178: Elvis or The Beatles: Who Was "The Real King of the Charts"?

Entry #179: Infographic Honored Presley During Elvis Week 2011

Entry #180: Stars Aligned When Elvis Presley and Aline Mosby Crossed Paths

September 2011

Entry #181: Elvis Sings Leiber and Stoller: A Top Ten Countdown

Entry #182: Open Letter to Elvis Presley: Dateline: St. Paul—May 20, 1956

Entry #183: For Elvis the Dorsey Stage Show Was the Jumping-Off Point in 1956

Entry #184: As Seen on TV in the Fifties: Elvis on the Living Room Screen

Entry #185: Dayton Mother/Writer Explored Her Daughter's Elvis Craze in '56

October 2011

Entry #186: Elvis Put up Big Numbers on Cash Box’s Singles Record Chart

Entry #187: Elvis' Music in the Fifties Puzzled Variety's Record Reviewers

Entry #188: Parade of "Elvis Girls" in the '50s Boosted Presley's Sex Appeal

Entry #189: Elvis at Madison Square Garden: "He Was Like a Prince From Another Planet

November 2011

Entry #190: Elvis' Vigorous Vocalizing & Doc Pomus's Lyrics Made Surrender a Hit in '61

Entry #191: Eggheads on Elvis … Professorial Opinions in the '50s

Entry #192: Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show … A View Out of the Ordinary

Entry #193: Elvis and Other Iconic Voices … An Outrageous Celebrity Book

December 2011

Entry #194: “If He Did the Same Stuff On the Street, We’d Lock Him Up”

Entry #195: Former Hollywood Secretary Was Colonel Parker’s Biggest Booster

Entry #196: Elvis Presley's Best Ballads … A Top Ten Countdown

Entry #197: The Fateful December Decision That Changed Elvis' Life Forever

Entries #198-199: Live at the Cotton Bowl … Elvis' Landmark '56 Road Show

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